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20 Jul

Marathon Drinks

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Marathon Drinks

To ensure the safety of all participants on course, Brisbane Marathon Festival have hydration stations positioned throughout the course. Both water and electrolyte drink will be available at selected hydration stations as noted below. We encourage you to drink and fuel sufficiently to avoid dehydration on course.

In addition to electrolyte drink and water being provided on course All 42.195km full marathon participants will have the option of accessing the ‘Marathon Special Needs’ drink tables on course. Whilst this is not compulsory, we invite all participants to utilise this service.

Download the document here

Marathon Special Needs drink table restrictions

  • Special/personal drinks are for the marathon event only.
  • Drinks must be in sealed, leak proof containers.
  • Drink Bottles will only be accepted on Friday 10-6pm or Saturday 10am-12pm at Milton.
  • Containers are not to be any taller than 21cm in total including all attachments.
  • No balloons or sticks are to be attached.
  • Bottles are to be marked buy antibiotics online nz with your name and relevant km mark (from list below).
  • It is your responsibility to find your own bottle at the Special Drinks station.
  • Dispose of bottles in waste bins – do not litter the course.
  • Unclaimed drinks will be disposed of.

Marathon Special Needs drinks will need to be delivered before 12 noon on Saturday 5th August at the intraining Running Centre race pack collection centre located at 33 Park Road, Milton.

Water station locations accessible

AidstationWinnersTo keep you entertained out on course, our hydration stations on course will feature the ‘Water Station Cheer Squads’. These cheer squads will not only be keeping you hydrated, but will also keep you motivated by cheering you along the way.

Each cheer squad is competing for a $1000 cash prize which will be awarded as voted by you following the event. Make sure you give them a smile as you enjoy the course.

LocationHydration availableHydration available
Ivory Street2km | 5kmWater
Kangaroo Point10km | 25.5km | 30kmElectrolyte | Water
South Bank12.5km | 32.5kmWater
Riverside Drive14.5km | 19km | 34km | 39kmElectrolyte | Water
Orleigh Park16.5km | 17km | 36km | 37kmElectrolyte | Water